On the Brink – Jews and Christians in the Gunsights of Islamic Terror

I monitor dozens of websites and news sources and am often overwhelmed about what to write. In the past few weeks however, things became crystal clear when it was announced that Kayla Mueller died in the capture of the islamic state. The death of the American aid worker has fueled speculation how she died and who killed her.

By the way, you will notice that I do not capitalize islam, isis, muslim, or any related term. That faith or whatever you call it doesn’t deserve the dignity of my capital letters.

A great irony of Kayla Mueller’s death, (if death did come at the hands of the Jordanian Air Force F-16 as reported by isis) is that an American was killed by American-made products flown by American allies fighting fellow muslims.


Kayla Mueller

But most news sources say that isis killed her, using the Jordanian Air Force strike as a cover. I don’t know how she died, but what does it matter? She is dead, ripped out of the arms of a loving family and friends. We might ask what she was doing in such a dangerous situation or how she met her fate.

One thing is for sure, she showed no fear, but rather lived her life in service of others. This, I believe, ties directly into the brutal torture and killing of the Jordanian pilot.

Muath Safi Yousef al-Kasasbeh, burned alive by his isis executioners, serves as the latest example of the extreme barbarity of the enemy we face. Some have commented that an individual death is harder to take because it is so personal. That is hard to argue.

Coupled with this death was the latest news of the beheadings of 21 Egyptian Christian Coptic workers just announced this week in Libya. This disease, this rot of basic humanity, targets both Christians and Jews with equal fervor, and might I say, joy.


What does any of this have to do with the US and events on American soil?

When UC Davis Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) student protests voted 8-2 to divest the university from Israel last week, it hit the newswires with a vengeance. Additionally, and probably not by coincidence, a Jewish fraternity at UC Davis was defaced with swastikas.

We don’t know for sure if muslims fomented the attack there but it does underscore the further penetration of UC campuses where similar activities are gaining momentum. History tells us that the university campus is often the launching pad of radical activity. Keep an eye on American college campuses—trends often begin there.

This follows a similar vote at UCLA where the associated student body also voted for divestment, or at UC Irvine where a few years ago, the Israeli Ambassador wasn’t allowed to continue his speech by being shouted down/drowned out by Muslim students. The students were later disciplined for violating his civil rights.

This disease is not only spreading, but also its tendrils reach to many other campuses around the state and across the country, even into Canada where similar protests, sometimes violent, hit such schools as Ontario University in 2014 (as reported in Arutz Sheva) and York University in 2013. University officials often counter these protests with the standard politically correct “defense of free speech.”


Political correctness knows no bounds. With whom are we at war? There is not doubt that islam has declared war with war with the west while Western governments bend over backwards to deny they are at war with islam. What are they afraid of? We can still hear echoes of the war in Gaza.

What struck me most about the Gaza demonstrations last summer was that they were worldwide. It was noted that demonstrations occurred on every continent around the globe including Santiago, Chile where a sizable crowd lead by islamists demanded Jewish blood in exchange for the events in Gaza. Never mind that Hamas provoked, even begged for the confrontation for years. This is the second war in the recent past. There will be more.

And now, French Jews are leaving for Israel in droves. More than 7,000 left last year and more are expected to go this year. Israel is now extending reciprocity for French professionals. If you are doctor in France, then you are a doctor in Israel.

Again this week, more attacks on Jewish targets in Europe, a synagogue in Denmark and Paris cemetery desecrations, sparked calls by the Israeli government for European Jews to migrate in mass to Israel.

British Jews are sensing things are heading in the same place as France. A recent article from the Jerusalem Post said that British Jews are beginning to see similarities to their French Jewish brethren. The Community Security Trust is a British organization designed to identify and counter anti-Semitism in the old Commonwealth. Wikipedia describes it thus:

“The Community Security Trust (CST) is a British charity established in 1994 to ensure the safety and security of the Jewish community in the UK. Its inception follows a history of threats to the Jewish community in Britain, in particular to attacks on British Jews and their buildings by British Fascists from the 1930s, and to further attacks by Islamists hostile to Israel and by extension to its British supporters.”

The article claims that 2014 was the worst year since the Trust began keeping records in 1984. Incidents included beatings, threats, intimidation, and harassment, synagogue desecrations, and a host more.

When it comes to the increasing anti-Semitism, it is hard to tell the players without as scorecard. I addressed this in my book, Operation Last Exodus, a fictional account of how a holocaust could happen in the US when extreme groups and/or former enemies, align their interests together to attack Jews….left, center, right, black, brown, or white, no matter who is involved.

And it is coming to America.

Do you see it too? Post your thoughts.

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